Surveys of Loading Operations

Statistically, this service is the most demanded by all: shippers, carriers and receivers of steel products. Such circumstance is logical due at this stage of transportation occurs a transition of the property rights. Therefore, information on a qualitative condition of a material becomes crucial and base factor of financial calculations, definitions of the responsibility and many other aspects of regulation of mutual relations between trading parties.On all extent of loading, surveyors supervise whole process of handling operations, stowage and lashing of a material inside vessel’s holds, as well observe handling equipment used and also record the general quality of performance of stevedores. At detection of discrepancies those are instantly corrected, that promotes prevention of damages of a material (even simple presence of inspectors essentially influences workmanship of stevedores). The Loading Survey involves advance discussions with the Vessel's Master and/or Port Captain, along with the Stevedore Superintendent regarding handling of cargo, stowage and securing. Loading would then basically require continuous monitoring with amendments made as and when required. The final phase of the loading consists of securing the cargo to withstand shifting due to 'moving' of the vessel in severe weather conditions during the intended voyage. Our standards of securing assist in the zero defect out-turn.


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