Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers - ADR/RID

The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road  (ADR) states that:

"Each undertaking, the activities of which include the carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading, of dangerous goods by road shall appoint one or more safety advisers  for the carriage of dangerous goods (DGSA), responsible for helping to prevent the risks inherent in such activities with regard to persons, property and the environment"
The regulations highlight the responsibilities of the people involved in the carriage of dangerous goods, be it the consignor, consignee, carrier, loader, packer, filler or the container/tank operator. In addition, it also highlights the packaging, labeling, documentation and vehicle construction and inspection requirements to ensure that any transportation of dangerous goods is safe.
We employ qualified in house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors who are available to advise our customers and also act on a consultancy basis where a full DGSA service in required.

Our DGSA services include:

- Monitoring compliance with the rules governing the transport of dangerous goods.
- Advising the employer on the transport of dangerous goods.
- Preparing an annual report on the activities concerning dangerous goods.
- Monitoring the procedures and practices on the transport of dangerous goods.
- Investigating and preparing reports on any accidents or emergencies.
- Required documents preparation and staff training

Consultancy :

- Emergency instructions and procedures
- Classification and identification of dangerous goods
- The correct packaging, labeling and loading requirements
- Rules for carriage of limited quantities
- Telephone and email support

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